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H30098 PAN 1/9 SIZE 4" DEEP CLR $3.55
H30098-1 LID 1/9 CLEAR SLOTTED $2.75
H30101 DRAIN TRAY 1/2 SIZE AMBER $9.60
H30106 DRAIN TRAY 1/3 SIZE AMBER $7.20
H30111 DRAIN TRAY 1/4 SIZE AMBER $7.15
H30123 PAN COLDMASTER 1/6 SZ WH $36.99
H30175 DRAIN TRAY 1/6 SIZE AMBER $3.95
H30177 SHEET PAN HALF 13" X 18" $4.30
H30207 BISCUIT PAN 1/2 SZ CLR 6" $12.29
H30208 LID 1/2 SZ CLEAR FLIP-TOP $7.99

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Hagar Restaurant Service Inc.
is the factory authorized warranty and repair service provider for more than 200 manufacturers. We service the
Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan areas.

Visit our Locations page for contact information to the nearest Hagar representative in your area.





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